Brother Vinni 28mm Brotherhood of Steel Paladin (Fallout) figure

Borther Vinni just announced a new 28mm miniature — Paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel with power armor, based on computer game Fallout

Note that this mini is not for sale, just a fan-art.

A new painting contest (Brush duel) - Barbarians

New contest started — «Barbarians» 

Colleagues, there is a proposal to fight on your minis «Barbarians». Deadline for submitting is October 10, 2011 at 21:00 Moscow time. The end of voting on October 16, 21:00 Moscow.

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Masterbox 1/35 #3590 "Accident" is coming soon...

One next original set of figures from Masterbox. Three Russian figures, two dazed germans and the upturned bike.

Infinity 28 mm Ariadna Doctor

My last miniature — Ariadna Doctor

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Interview with Angel Giraldez (Corvus Belli, Infinity)

Today I talking with Angel Giraldez — Spanish miniatures painter, whos working with Corvus Belli — Infinity game series and many other. Also take a look at his Studio Giraldez Blog

>Hello, Angel! At f

irst I want to say that I really like you paint style and Infinity miniatures li
ne and I dare to get acquainted with you. Please tell something about you — how are you? How long you are painting?

Thanks, I appreciate your interest in my work I painted miniatures since 2000 or 2001 year, I do not remenber it, each day I am more old,hehehe :) and in the 2003 I work as professional painter.

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