Scratchbuilt 1/72 Caudron G.IV (Part I)


Epoxy plane

Caudron G.IV, a French bomber/reconnaissance plane, was a twin engine version of the earlier G.III model. It was put into service in 1915, becoming the first mass produced twin engine aircraft in allied service. For several years G.IV served faithfully in several air forces, until becoming completely obsolete and incapable to match newer enemy fighters. In total, more than 1400 planes of the type were built in France, Italy and UK.

This unusual, odd looking plane had always looked to me like a very interesting subject for a model, and since no kit of a twin engine Caudron was available (except for an ancient, hard to find vacuform), I decided to try myself at scratchbuilding – a decision based mostly on an underestimation of complexity of the task ahead.

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