Brother Vinni 28mm Brotherhood of Steel Paladin (Fallout) figure

Borther Vinni just announced a new 28mm miniature — Paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel with power armor, based on computer game Fallout

Note that this mini is not for sale, just a fan-art.

ForgeWorld Death Korps of Krieg Engineer - Warhammer 40K

Funny Troops of Krieg of Warhammer 40K is not just remind the Germans of World War I — they are simply written off by them. Generally, after some learning of this universe for a while ever come across references to already-existing technology in our world — and the tanks than that resemble Shermans and Tigers, and many figures also have analogues, which are deducted from the shape and armament.

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Infinity 28 mm Ariadna Doctor

My last miniature — Ariadna Doctor

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