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Hello all! 

I was here a few times asking — where do you get information, what blogs / sites you read 

At one time, willingly share list of my RSS feeds, but I'm very lazy boy — and there a new project just born 

The essence of the project — it get public RSS feeds from many model sites and blogs, process these and create custom feed by themes and your wishes. 

Already sorted data on the subjects you can connect to your RSS reading projects — such as Google Reader. 

For example, all that is RSS for fresh articles about palnes 

In overral this it useful 
  • for owners of another model resources — another people find announces of these posts in one place and get new visitor 
  • for users, who create complex feed and don't lost time for collect data 
You could create YOUR own feed by some easy constructor with keywords 

For example it is my own personal feed of Warhamer's miniatures 

At the moment, processed about 40 sites and blogs — and the list should expand in future. 

In general — feel free to try my service and hope you like it. 

Any comments, suggestions and tips — would be welcome — here or at email michael.neradkov [at] 

If anyone knows a good suitable model sites/blogs with RSS - You could point me at these


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