Interview with Angel Giraldez (Corvus Belli, Infinity)

Today I talking with Angel Giraldez — Spanish miniatures painter, whos working with Corvus Belli — Infinity game series and many other. Also take a look at his Studio Giraldez Blog

>Hello, Angel! At f

irst I want to say that I really like you paint style and Infinity miniatures li
ne and I dare to get acquainted with you. Please tell something about you — how are you? How long you are painting?

Thanks, I appreciate your interest in my work I painted miniatures since 2000 or 2001 year, I do not remenber it, each day I am more old,hehehe :) and in the 2003 I work as professional painter.
> Did you remember the first minis?

yes, my first minis were a marines of «Wargames Tercios Espaciales» ,the minis were veryyyy ugly and bad,hehehe after I know the miniatures Games Workshop and it was AMAZING, my first miniatures of GW were goblins night, I love the goblins :)

> Is Studio Giraldez an one-member-studio or you have some helpers?

Mainly I am just… I make paint, photography, mails,etc… and sometimes my girlfriend help me in the financial arrangements I create Studio Giraldez in 2007 year, it is a painting service dedicated to business Studio Giraldez offer quality, responsibility, efficiency,… it is a proffesional service, «if you want this painted miniature, I can make it» ;) Bit by bit Studio Giraldez grow and each day more business trust in my working method. I work for business of USA, Spain, France, UK, etc… Also sometimes I paint miniatures for collectores and when I have much work some painters help me with these comissions

> How many time you spend at one mini, depending from level of art?

it depends of 2 agents: TIME-MONEY the miniatures of Infinity I have a maximum time because I work in the studio for example a miniature of 28mm size is about 8-15 hours The others miniatures for others business and collector is for money if the price is low, I paint more fast but the quality is less if the price is high, I paint more time and the quality is high I combine time-money,I need to live it

> Did you prefer some type of paints? or type of using paints is not matter for you?

For I paint infinity miniatures I prefer Vallejo Model Color, the pigmentation is very fine also I use Citaldel, Andrea Color and Vallejo Air color Also I am using a brand of paints for paint miniatures for a business but yet I do not tell nothing it, it is a secret I hope announce this proyect in a few weeks… ;)

> Did you ever build plastic kits — such as planes, AFVs?
No, but I would like make it :)

> And any experience in sculpting? and why?

No, I made some test but it was veryyyy bad and I have not much time, I continue painting :)

> Is painting minis a full-time job or it is just “auxiliary” hobby?

It is a full-time job I have a contract with Corvus Belli each day I paint 8-12 hours, 8 hours for Corvus Belli and 0-4 hours for studio Giraldez (some days I do not paint for studio giraldez,heheh ;) )

> What is you education? Especially interesting — is it technically or humanitarian? Did you have some kind of artists school?

No, I had not artistic studies I study mechanical…, it is very strange…, I learnd painting in my house :)

> What is your most lovely work you ever done?
yet, I do not make my great work… I think that my great work will be see the set of ALL my painted miniatures when I will jubilate… I will see it :)

> And worst? Of course, if it is not “top secret” data ;-)
buffffff, I have much… but also I love the worst works, heheh ;)

> I am, for example, especially found in Ariadna — cool russian kazaks fortunatly made without usually kitch and “klukva”. What line of minis is you mostly loved and interested?

I do not know it… I like Nomads, Aleph,etc… I can not choose a only line each line is special for me :)

> What kind of relation between you of and Corvus Belli — manufacturers of Infinity? Did you take participate in figures developing and manufacturing?

I work in Corvus belli since 2003, I was his first worker, I made paint( Warcrow line, historical minis of 28mm and 15mm), packaging, melt, etc… but since 2007 year my full time is paint in the studio, 8 hours each day

> Did you have you own private collection?

I have a little collection but I have not time to paint for me :X

> At the nearest time our site should celebrate 5-year anniversary. What you could wish to all modelers, painters and hobbyists?

I wish all a happy painting, it is a hobby amazing and each day there is more level and i wish good lucky your site regards Angel Giraldez

Russian version of interview avaiable at

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