Happy new 2011 year!

Dear Colleagues — modelers and sympathetic! On behalf of administration of ScaleModels.ru I want to congratulate all of you (us) on the coming 2011 year!

This year as a whole was normal in our model hobby — many new releases, many build of models and published articles on the site  

From the life of the community first and foremost I want to note the past five years the site on which Saint-Petersburg arrived colleagues from Moscow, Petrozavodsk, Tver and other wonderful areas of our country. Well sat — «sorry, Piglet early out „© ;-( 

Touching technical news:
  • global optimization — after which ScaleModelsl.ru already maintains all comers without special troubles,
  • a new separate website for Walkarounds and ScaleClub
  • Our souvenir shop, which allows all comers to take a souvenir — from the Internet into real life
  • website integration with Facebook
  • and other nice little (and not so :-) ) features — such as Tags, for example
  • another relocation of site — but on a free server provided in the grant competition, conducted by TrueVDS — by the way, without the support of all of you this victory would have been impossible.
By the way, now that we are talking about your support… Site without it would be just do not think it is you yourself, and create ScaleModels.ru
  • make model
  • writing articles — that have made
  • edit what has been written more  (Thanks, BatMan and Vyacheslav Demchenko)
  • draw a banner (Thanks graw, foxbot, DTSH)
  • rake and upload fotoobhody (Thanks SilverGhost)
  • who filmed the other (many thanks)
  • collect pieces of information in the Encyclopedia (ekventor, SilverGhost, etc.)
  • all the moderators, who supports the right of our Augean stables wonderful forum ;-)
Colleagues, thank you all for what you are involved in the creation of our website — an online club? community? I do not know how exactly to call, but heck — I like it here. 

I hope that next year the pace of development ScaleModels.ru protect and grow BUILDED models you have on your shelves. By the way — will soon be the Big competition — 2011, cook these same models and cameras.
Good luck in the coming New Year! Health, patience, endurance and good models! 
Happy New Year!

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