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Dear Colleagues, announces the launch of the annual aviation contest Building Together — Red Stars-2! Blows the dust off the boxes, uncovering the sprues, to lay out parts and loads of paint brushes, remove the trigger with the fuses and the taxi at the start.
Competition Rules
1. Timeline
1.1 The term of the contest on Feb. 23, 2011 — February 23, 2012 (12 months).

2. Participation in the contest
2.1) To participate in the competition model in any scale of any actually existing aircraft, carrying the markings of the RSFSR, the USSR or the Russian Federation in the form of red stars.
2.2) The model can be part of a diorama. In this case, the diorama should be the whole model and not part of it.
2.3) To participate in the competition models that are already under construction in the early and middle stages of readiness at the time of the start of the competition. The decision to admit to the competition launched models of the host administration.
2.4) The jury members, organizers and sponsors to participate in the contest are not permitted and constructed out of the competition (Only as «Support»).
2.5) At the request of any contest member could designate their participation as a «support», ie — to build the model, without claiming to win prizes.
2.6) The Administration may reject any submitted model if they think it does not meet the contest rules.
3. Report on the construction of models on the forum
3.1) Participation in the contest involves a constant process of working on a demonstration model by uploading some pictures and explanatory notes in the set up for this forum topic.
3.2) If you are working on a model already begun at the start of the contest, the participant is required to reconstruct the course of the initial process of working on a model.
3.3) If you are working on a model is already under way in the Forum, the administration will take the theme of the contest subforum on request via PM.
3.4) after summing up the branches will be separated by the usual topics (a forum Aviation), the original sub-forum will link to them.
4. Photos of the finished model
4.1) Photos of completed models should be laid out before the end of the contest in a message titled «Finish».
4.2) It is desirable to photograph a model for a plain background.
4.3) It is desirable to provide a close-up photos to better assess the quality of the model.
4.4) is recommended to upload photos, size of 800-1200 pixels on the long side. It is advisable not to upload photos larger than 1MB.
4.5) If the quality of the pictures did not allow to evaluate the quality of the model, the work will not qualify for prizes.
5. Nomination, judging and awarding winners
5.1) Nominations will be determined after the competition.
5.2) The winners will be determined by the judging
5.3) will also be awarded the Audience Award as voted by users of the site, which will be held within 15 days after the end of the competition.
5.4) winners will receive a prize from the sponsors and a special color icon in the forum profile.
5.5) Members who have completed the construction in time, but took prizes, get a black and white icon in the profile.
While at the moment — SilverGhost, foxbot, Michael_XIII, Sky_Dog 
The arrival of new sponsors are welcome.
Michael_XIII, SilverGhost, foxbot 

I wish all participants an excellent flight and soft landing! Well, now for the cause, «Let's go!». 

Sincerely, Andrew and Michael

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