ForgeWorld Death Korps of Krieg Engineer - Warhammer 40K

Funny Troops of Krieg of Warhammer 40K is not just remind the Germans of World War I — they are simply written off by them. Generally, after some learning of this universe for a while ever come across references to already-existing technology in our world — and the tanks than that resemble Shermans and Tigers, and many figures also have analogues, which are deducted from the shape and armament.

On the other hand — space for fun and enjoyment there is also huge.  Base for this Krieg Engineer is a resin base from the Polish Microart Studio.

There's nothing particularly paint — painted with acrylic Vallejo and Citadel, the emphasis on tried to make a glow of acidic fluid in the sensor tube.

So in the end — in lightcube picture with a black background — for the dark atmospheric impression.

Yes, the helmet actually written «Born to Kill», but unfortunatly — has no room for Pacific ;-)

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