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OpenId authorization at ScaleClub.org

For avoiding multiple logins and passwords remembering — the OpenId just installed at ScaleClub.

No need to invent and remember new passwords — just use your Facebook, Google and some other existed accounts to login this site. If you already have account at ScaleClub — please link any of your OpenId with current login.

Best wishes, Michael 

Happy new 2011 year!

Dear Colleagues — modelers and sympathetic! On behalf of administration of ScaleModels.ru I want to congratulate all of you (us) on the coming 2011 year!

This year as a whole was normal in our model hobby — many new releases, many build of models and published articles on the site  

From the life of the community first and foremost I want to note the past five years the site on which Saint-Petersburg arrived colleagues from Moscow, Petrozavodsk, Tver and other wonderful areas of our country. Well sat — «sorry, Piglet early out „© ;-( 

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New Walkarounds Project!

We have some new and VERY special project — Walkarounds at ScaleModels.ru ! 


* 2 Tu-154 
* 2 BRDM-2 
* 2 Su-30 
* T-26 
* ZiS-6 Katyusha 
* Ansat Helicopter 

and much more in query for future 

Add link to browsers bookmarks and feel free to register and upload your own walks 

Best wishes from Russia! 

Scale tags fixed

Small but very ugly bug was fixed tonight — links to tags with scale was broken, but these works normally now.

Example: 1/72 

ScaleModels.ru is temporary broken

At this moment ScaleModels.ru working at IP but DNS not resolving correctly. You could add line scalemodels.ru

to you HOSTS file.

Sorry for troubles, hoping it came away at next day.

Best wishes, Michael 

Search is normally working now

Site's search was fixed and normally works now. Example 

Also add a WYSIWYG editor to writing form 

PayPal and Credit Cards donation available

If you like ScaleModels.ru and ScaleClub.org, feel free to make a donation to help us offset the cost of running these sites.

Thanks for your support! 

2 Bugs fixed

1) Typed tags is autocompeted by existed variants
2) Normally shows people, who's online at this moment

Warning - Email is lost?

Looks like email from our server (registration confirmation, passwords, notifications, e.t.c) often lost as spam at .ru email servers.

I just activate all users, whos do not recieve emails from server manually — please check your accounts

Please, use emails with .com domains for registration at ScaleClub (as gmail.com, hotmail.com and other).

If any problem exists — feel free to contact us by scalemodelsrussia at gmail dot com or by submitting this form

Best wishes

Added social buttons

Just added buttons for share materials at Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte
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