Cornwall Model Boats Topic-link

English shop which oriented at ship modelers with just an incredible assortment of accessories and additions to the ships and not only to them. A lot of the variety of tools, plastic, brass and aluminum profiles, tubes and many other consumables. If someone planned to build a model from scratch, this shop has everything for that. The bank cards is accepted, no PayPal, and very cost-effective delivery of airmail.

Tech Manuals - new part of Walkarounds

Hi all!

New part of Walkarounds@Scalemodels.ru apears — TechManuals. At this moment uploaded Boston, An-12, MiG-15UTI, MiG-3, Lagg-3, La-9 and other
Available here

Group Build: Red Stars-2 at the ScaleModels.ru

Dear Colleagues, announces the launch of the annual aviation contest Building Together — Red Stars-2! Blows the dust off the boxes, uncovering the sprues, to lay out parts and loads of paint brushes, remove the trigger with the fuses and the taxi at the start.
Competition Rules
1. Timeline
1.1 The term of the contest on Feb. 23, 2011 — February 23, 2012 (12 months).

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Big contest-2011 started at ScaleModels.ru - Let's go!

So, colleagues — «The Big Contest — 2011» started — buzzing motors, clasping photocameras, shutter and hitting the keyboard ...
The contest is take on the site ScaleModels.ru from 1 February to 1 May 2011 (May 1 00:00 — deadline for submitting)

The competition will run independently from the «Best publication of month at ScaleModels.ru». Competition „model of the month“ at the time of the big competition is suspended. All articles about building models, which came to our site at this time are considered as participating in the contest (if the author explicitly stated otherwise)

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News from ModelWorld - news service from ScaleModels.ru

Hello all! 

I was here a few times asking — where do you get information, what blogs / sites you read 

At one time, willingly share list of my RSS feeds, but I'm very lazy boy — and there a new project just born 


The essence of the project — it get public RSS feeds from many model sites and blogs, process these and create custom feed by themes and your wishes. 

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Interview with Michael Fichtenmayer (Part II)

Continuing from scaleclub.org/interview-with-michael-fichtenmayer-part-i.html

Your latest project is the Fish-Shaped Submarine. It is really great!

Thanks! Glad you like it. There has been a lot more interest than I have anticipated and it looks like I'll have to do a second run before too long as the First Edition has all been reserved and then some.

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Interview with Michael Fichtenmayer (Part I)

Most of you reading this like to build models. Some of you build them out of the box adding more or less different after-market parts. Some of you are building from scratch, using blueprints and photographs of original machines. But not too many people do scale modeling as a visual art and build things that have never existed in the first place, using their imagination instead of historically accurate references.
I do not think many of you have heard of the name Michael Fichtenmayer. Somehow we do not pay attention to one’s name, but do notice their work. Michael’s work cannot go unnoticed. Some of us know his models from different postings on the internet or directly from his site www.fichtenfoo.comand some of us are familiar with his creations thanks to MIG Productions.
But who can tell us about the artist (or the modeler) better than he can himself?   So here is the interview with Michael Fichtenmayer:
Michael, would you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?
Well, I'm a 36 year old web and graphic designer from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in the United States. I've always been artistically inclined with an interest in all things science fiction. As a child I wanted to be an astronaut, but later realized that art was my real passion. I would spend hours alone reading comic books and drawing. I also was very into cartoons. After high school I went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with the desire to be an illustrator or comic book artist, but soon realized that if I wanted to eat and not be homeless I should find a job in graphic design. My first design job in 1994 started off quite boring with little pay working for an industrial news magazine which soon after decided to jump on the internet. I taught myself web design and have been doing that ever since either full-time or on a freelance basis. 

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The Tour of the Boneyard - Davis-Monthan AFB

Recently I had a chance to visit the world famous Davis-Monthan air base in Tuscon, Arizona.  This is the place where the United States stows the aircraft that are currently not needed by the services. At the moment the base contains approximately 4400 aircraft.  part of the base is used to store flyable aircraft — i.e. aircraft that under deep conservation and will fly again, while the other part is full of aircraft being broken up for spare parts.  This air base is the only military base that actually bring the profit to the us government — over $600 million per year (if one is to believe a tour guide).  The planes on the base are kept as long as there are users for them anywhere in the world and there is demand for the spare parts.  As soon as the last of the type is retied by the last military the planes are quickly scrapped or sent to the museums.  Many long-lived aircraft like B-52 and B-1 are periodically cycled through the storage base in order to keep flying hour on all airframes more or less even and in case of a big war they can all be used

The tour is bus based and you are not allowed out of the bus.

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Interview with Carmel J Attard, Malta

  On the English-speaking modeling forums there are often found some interesting articles, and quite often we tempted to meet with their authors live, to friendly talk, to share modeling experiences.
Most recently, I was able to get to meet a remarkable man and modeler, whose name is not gone from the pages of scale modeling websites and magazines.
Colleagues, let me represent — Carmel Attard, who lives in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, on the island of Malta, has kindly agreed to answer a few questions and take photos of his collection.

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