Modelling is good for brain

I found this research article done by Bandai. It mentions that model making trains the brain. Looks like I should build more models from this moment ;-)

Infinity 28 mm Ariadna Doctor

My last miniature — Ariadna Doctor

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Hobby Boss 1/48 KV-1

This is my second tank — very easy kit. Build streight out of the box, exept 2 missed details, which I cloned in resin.

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Nakotne 1/72 Polikarpov I-3


I-3 made its first flight in 1928 and entered service the next year, becoming a primary fighter of the Red Army Air Force with about 400 built. Although I-3 flight performance was on par with the Western fighters of the time and it had a certain potential for further development, the type was phased out relatively quickly and replaced with I-7 (a license-built Heinkel HD-37).

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1/72 Special Hobby TsKB-3 (I-15 Prototype)


TsKB-3, a biplane fighter powered by Wright R-1820 Cyclone engine, was developed in 1933 by Nikolai Polikarpov as a successor to his earlier design I-5. It was put in production in 1934 under the name I-15 and became famous in combat in Spain where it proved to be one of the best biplane fighters of its time.

If I was going to build a 1/72 I-15 today, I would probably start with a new ICM model. However, a few years ago, long before it was released one had to choose from three limited-run offerings from Aviation Usk, Pavla and Special Hobby (the last one was also sold under Azur label). After reading the (somewhat misleading) reviews and arriving at a conclusion that none of these models is perfect, I decided to go with Special Hobby.

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Interview with Angel Giraldez (Corvus Belli, Infinity)

Today I talking with Angel Giraldez — Spanish miniatures painter, whos working with Corvus Belli — Infinity game series and many other. Also take a look at his Studio Giraldez Blog

>Hello, Angel! At f

irst I want to say that I really like you paint style and Infinity miniatures li
ne and I dare to get acquainted with you. Please tell something about you — how are you? How long you are painting?

Thanks, I appreciate your interest in my work I painted miniatures since 2000 or 2001 year, I do not remenber it, each day I am more old,hehehe :) and in the 2003 I work as professional painter.

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Added social buttons

Just added buttons for share materials at Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte

Eduard 1/48 P-39Q-5-BE Airacobra - The Trump Cobra

P-39Q-5-BE Airacobra of the deputy commander of 3 air squadron of 30 GvIAP (273 IAD 6 IAK 16 VA) — senior lieutenant A.P.Filatov, Poland, autumn 1944 Some notes on Filatov Aleksandr Pavlovich (1 April 1922 -??) Unlike

other combat pilots, he loved Russian literature and especially poetry. He was a modest man, that tried not to show himself proud of his victories to other people. When sitting down into the cockpit, he quietly listen at the report of mechanics, put on his parachute, showed no emotion, inspected attentively behind his shoulders and took off.

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Interview of Michael Benolkin, owner of CyberModeler Online

Today I talking with old partners of — Michael Benolkin, publisher of CyberModeler Online, a modeler, pilot and just good man

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Interview with Miguel "MiG" Jimenez

Hello, All!

Today I talking with Miguel «MiG» Jimenez, well-known Spanish modeler, founder of MiG Productions company. (at right part of photo)

Hello, Miguel!
How are you? How is the situation at Iberia Peninsula? ;-)

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