Eduard 1/48 I-16 type 24 - The winter "Ishachok"

«Ishachok» means «the small donkey» on Russian. Started his career as not-trusted, speed and capricious for control plane of new generation, for some years it stand over a very popular and loved fighter for Soviet pilots.
The  Eduard kit of I-16 in 1/48 is a very good material for building a model of this famous USSR fighter plane. 
After Eduard's correcting the main error of first series of this kit — wrong form of front engine cowl by new part, the model has two major geometry mistakes — very squared form of gagrot and very tall keel. 
First of those mistakes should be fixed by 5-10 minutes of sanding, but second should be rather hard task — after correcting the tall and geometry of keel we should remake all caving in surfaces. After some minutes of thinking I decide left keel as is — but on the next Eduard's I-16 I should solve this problem.
All part looks very good and impressive at sprues, but the kit has some hidden nuances in assembly ñ as write this some later

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Interview with Carmel J Attard, Malta

  On the English-speaking modeling forums there are often found some interesting articles, and quite often we tempted to meet with their authors live, to friendly talk, to share modeling experiences.
Most recently, I was able to get to meet a remarkable man and modeler, whose name is not gone from the pages of scale modeling websites and magazines.
Colleagues, let me represent — Carmel Attard, who lives in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, on the island of Malta, has kindly agreed to answer a few questions and take photos of his collection.

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LIFE magazine about Lend-lease and Soviet Russia

While searching the internet for some lend-lease info I found this issue of LIFE Magazine (March 29, 1943). It was very interesting. Big difference from writings of the Cold War...

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Zoukei-Mura 1/32 Kyushu J7W1 Shinden

Have you seen reviews of a new Japanese model kit, the Zoukei-Mura 1/32 Kyushu J7W1 Shinden?

This is a truly marvelous model kit, with incredible detail.  But perhaps its most unique feature, is how it is built.

You build this model like a real airplane, parts are installed onto a skeleton like frame!

Also, there are many optional features available in photo-etch, white metal, and resin, as well as figures to complete the model.

If you are interested in seeing completed pictures, email me.

David Cooper

Amodel 1/72 Petlyakov Pe-8 Strategic Bomber

The big planes have a kind a m

ystical charm – just imagine how these giants could rise up to the air and not need to say anything more. Some time ago, Amodel released a short-run kit of the ‘Russian Lancaster,’ the Pe-8 strategic bomber in 1/72 scale. It is a very interested kit that could not lose its attraction even when the new Zvevda kit was released. The Amodel kit has very lovely overlapped panel lines which should give very nice and realistic results, but will be much harder to assemble than the Zvezda kit.

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