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So, colleagues — «The Big Contest — 2011» started — buzzing motors, clasping photocameras, shutter and hitting the keyboard ...
The contest is take on the site from 1 February to 1 May 2011 (May 1 00:00 — deadline for submitting)

The competition will run independently from the «Best publication of month at». Competition „model of the month“ at the time of the big competition is suspended. All articles about building models, which came to our site at this time are considered as participating in the contest (if the author explicitly stated otherwise)
February 1 — the beginning of acceptance of entries 
May 1 — Deadline for submitting 
Approx. May 15 - Preview term summing up - 
Requirements for Articles
Allowed to participate materials not previously participated in other competitions, except in situations where photos of the model have been published online (with date of publication must be not more than six months from the beginning of our contest), but in this case the author's text must be written anew in the greater volume. Not be allowed to re-publish articles from our site with non-critical modifications.
The article should contain COPYRIGHTED textual and graphical parts. COPYRIGHT notion is meant by the following factors are
  • The model is made by the participants.
  • The text of the article written by the author. Allowed moderate use (citation) information from public sources in the case of a large „copy-paste“ — the text is replaced by a link to the source.

The text part can consist of the following components:
  • Briefly description of the prototype
  • process of assembly / painting,
  • Analysis of the results.

Models who participated in the current Group Builds taken on great competition on a common basis, subject to compliance with the requirements.
Administration reserves the right to publish, not all the photos for each article.

  • Aircraft 1 / 72
  • Aircraft 1 / 48

  • Civil aviation 1 / 144
  • AFV 1/72
  • AFV 1/35 & 1/48
  • Cars 1 / 25 and larger
  • Fleet
  • Shapes (military-historical miniatures)
  • Anime and fantasy (Garage Kits)
  • Game Minis

If a quorum is present for nomination (5 models) can be introduced additional nomination (as an option — Paper or Dioramas) If there are a large number of works in the same category, it can be divided into smaller pieces.
The nomination is appear if we get at least 3 articles from different people. If the nomination more than three works, but less than 5 (inclusive, and also from different parties), a prize will be awarded only one.
If declared the nomination did not completed, then submissions from it are involved in as close as possible topics.
Prize-winners are determined by the method of „Best of the modeling/show/weathering e.t.c.“ — that is no 1-2-3 seats.
See the results of past competitions. At the same time — look at the criteria for the selection of the best works on our site
Preview term summing up the competition — 15 May 2011.
Current submission of Big contest
Past contests entries

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