A new painting contest (Brush duel) - Barbarians

New contest started — «Barbarians» 

Colleagues, there is a proposal to fight on your minis «Barbarians». Deadline for submitting is October 10, 2011 at 21:00 Moscow time. The end of voting on October 16, 21:00 Moscow.

Contest Rules:
Admitted as a figure of «real» barbarians and their fantasy brothers. 

Conversions scratch-build miniatures are allowed, the quality of sculpting and conversion is not evaluated.Restrictions on materials and techniques of painting is not available, although in a jar of paint dipping, if you are sure that this way you can achieve acceptable results. 

Stand either, but it is desirable — well decorated. Vignettes are welcome, but do not affect the assessment.Several characters on the same base are permitted but only estimated the figure corresponding to the conditions of this contest, the rest are considered part of the stand. A participant can send a few thumbnails, satisfying the conditions of competition. 
General rules 

The competition is anonymous, the painting of miniatures is given a conditional month. Then the participant sends the administration of the contest (atm_deev) photos of your finished miniatures. At least two: front / rear shots, no more than 400 pixels wide and no more than 100K per picture, if you want to show some other perspectives — can be more. Background — either neutral (white, gray, blue, etc.). Photoshop is valid only for cropping, clipping, adding background and technical grading. To save images inPhotoshop, select File → Save for Web 

The photos must be accompanied by a small description: The name of miniatures, manufacturer, scale, and this as painted. 

Voting continues a week before the voting is prohibited upload photos or thumbnails to any other resources. We do not accept miniatures, which have already been prepared and published before the end date of the competition. 

In the presence of the participant at the end of the voting is free to publish the article with photos and a description of the process of painting. At the end of the contest participant is free to publish pictures of their work on any network share. 

Works sent atm_deev

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